INDOT winter severity index

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"location" try to keep an up-to-date copy under $INDOT = /group/mebaldwi/data/archive/indot

"documentation" should provide the section header name for the full text in main project documentation

"status" include your name and date and a brief description of the status (i.e., working on documentation, need wetbulb formula, complete)

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 dataset location/path documentation grid  status
 RAP $INDOT/rap RAP data 13 km
 CM, 7/17, a few cases
also, 30 years of NARR:
  32 km DS, 7/17, a few cases
KH, 8/1, 30 years of data (1981-2010)
 NLDAS $INDOT/nldas  1/8 deg lat/lon 
 StageIV precip $INDOT/precip_data/stage_iv  4km polar stereographic (grid #240) KH, 7/15, entire 2014 winter season downloaded
CoCoRaHs/COOP obs$INDOT/xmacis   obs, interpolate to grid KH, 7/15, data for a few cases
 RWIS $INDOT/rwis   
 final products   1/8 deg lat/lon 

 function  script location documentation status
 read GRIB   
 write GRIB   
 write netCDF   
 plot gridded data   
 plot point data   
 interpolate grid-to-grid example: $INDOT/precip_data/stage_iv/ use matplotlib.mlab.griddata KH, 7/15
 interpolate point-to-grid example: $INDOT/xmacis/ use matplotlib.mlab.griddata KH, 7/15

 product data location script location documentation plots status
 precipitation rate (per hour) StageIV 1-hr accumulations
    KH, 7/16
 precipitation type     
 density of new snow/ice all under $INDOT/rap/snow_stuff

Kuchera ex:

B&E ex:

Cobb ex: 
   KH, 7/15, Kuchera and BE methods done, working version of Cobb going, but not sure if it's correct
 density of snowpack     
 mass of snowpack     
 hours since last hour of new snow
   KH, 8/1
 max T since last hour of new snow
   KH, 8/1
 mobility of snowpack     
 SNSQ $INDOT/rap/snow_stuff/snow_squall.pyexternal doc: Banacos et al. (2014)  KH, 7/22
 AWSSI $INDOT/rap/snow_stuff/awssi.pyexternal docs: link  KH, 7/15
 MDSS equation     
 10m u, vRAP: /home/mille423/RAP /home/mille423/RAP/   CM

 2m T, RHRAP: /home/mille423/RAP /home/mille423/RAP/   CM

 land use/land cover$INDOT/land/NLDAS_UMDpredomveg.asc

 $INDOT/land/map_veg_to_nldas.pyexternal doc: link

note: mapped dominant veg type (greatest freq per grid box) to NLDAS grid, wrote to netCDF
LULCKH, 7/17, see doc 
 roughness length (z0)$INDOT/land/monthly_roughness_length.txt
 $INDOT/land/map_veg_to_nldas.pynote: mapped monthly roughness length to veg cat, wrote to netCDF  KH, 7/17


 $INDOT/land/map_topo_to_nldas.pyexternal doc: link

note: mapped topography data (mean and slope) to NLDAS grid, wrote to netCDF

 KH, 7/21, see doc
 blowing snow deposition rate     
 road network shapefiles

us highways:
    KH, 7/15
 INDOT districts, sub-districts, etc shapefiles


maint units:
    KH, 7/15, not sure if this is what you mean?
 road surface temperature     
 net longwave radiationNARR: /home/dwsnyder/indot//home/dwsnyder/indot/   DS, 7/17
 net shortwave radiationNARR: /home/dwsnyder/indot//home/dwsnyder/indot/   DS, 7/17

 sensible heat fluxNARR: /home/dwsnyder/indot//home/dwsnyder/indot/   DS, 7/17 
 latent heat fluxNARR: /home/dwsnyder/indot//home/dwsnyder/indot/   DS, 7/17 
 ground heat fluxNARR: /home/dwsnyder/indot//home/dwsnyder/indot/   DS, 7/17 
 snow/ice phase change heat fluxNARR: /home/dwsnyder/indot//home/dwsnyder/indot/  DS, 7/17 
 energy required to melt new snowNARR: /home/dwsnyder/indot/ $INDOT/plot/


DS, 7/17 
 severity index     

example cases

include detailed discussion of the event, evaluation of the products and results in the documentation

 dates documentation status
 Jan 5-6 2014  CM 7/28 working on documentation
 Dec 6-7 2013  

quality control
 issue documentation status
 NLDAS precip bullseyes  

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