Idea List

This is a collection of ideas for our lab members to work on:

  • Web Development
    • Learn more about HTML, CGI, CSS style files, javascript, jsani
    • Create RTMA/RAP Mesoanalysis page
      • Soundings
  • INDOT project
    • Create INDOT products (interactive?)
      • Meteograms
      • Verification maps?
  • Purdue Forecast Game
    • Aforementioned web development (move form submission too?)
    • Hourly scoring for same-day preliminary results
    • Bring in more forecasts (model, NWS, etc.)
    • Iron out details for our "fantasy forecasting" parallel game
  • WRF runs
    • Daily
      • Plot more variables
      • Add counties & highways to IN zoom maps (Kim has downloaded some shapefiles for this)  COMPLETED
        • Now just need to make these overlay options, so they're not drawn on each map 
        • On this note, lets add INDOT districts and subdistricts as overlay options (we already have shapefiles) 
      • Soundings
      • Meteograms
      • Create Bufkit files
    • Ensemble runs
      • P-Type probabilities would be awesome
    • CFS WRF runs (weekly?)