using MET

Model Evaluation Tools (MET) is available on

log in to (could use thinlinc

untar the MET-6.0.tar file, you could put this in your /home directory or /scratch
note that you should only do this once, it will put the MET programs and sample data files (for the online tutorial) into a directory called MET-6.0

if you prefer to use your /home directory:

cd $HOME
tar -xvf /scratch/scholar/m/mebaldwi/EAPS591/MET-6.0.tar

if you prefer to use your /scratch space instead:

tar -xvf /scratch/scholar/m/mebaldwi/EAPS591/MET-6.0.tar

make sure to set up your environment to use gcc compilers, netcdf, etc.
note that you need to do this at the start of your terminal session before running any MET programs. once you have set up the environment, it will be part of the terminal until you log out

module load gcc
module load netcdf4
module load ncview

cd into the MET-6.0 directory that you created previously and see what is there (this is for your information)
bin/ has the MET programs
data/ has data files for the tutorial
share/ has files that are used by MET programs
tutorial/ has files that are used in the tutorial

cd $HOME/MET-6.0
ls bin
ls data
ls share
ls tutorial

once you are in your MET-6.0 directory, try running some MET programs, for example gen_vx_mask

bin/gen_vx_mask -type poly data/sample_obs/ST2ml/ST2ml2005080700.Grb_G212 data/poly/CONUS.poly tutorial/out/gen_vx_mask/

good luck!